DIY Praha is no longer operating a workshop. Together with our former members, we are creating a new organization, Sdílna (“Sdílená dílna”), to pick up where we left off. We are shifting from a service-providers to a community-run makers space.


Learn how to apply your designs with silk screening or stamp printing. To sign up to a course please choose the date in our PROGRAM.


Screen Printing Workshop
  • Components (frames, fabric, colours, emulsion)
  • The process of photo sensitive emulsion and exposure
  • Short printing introduction and finishing
  • Practical application on shirts, bags, paper.
  • Price: 400 CZK

basic sewing 1

DIY basics: SEWING
  • A series of 5 lessons
  • Different kinds of fabrics
  • How to cut to be able to clean finish the edges
  • How to finish the textile products
  • How to use sewing and overlock machine
  • 20 hours total
  • Price: 3000 CZK

stamp printing

Stamp Printing on Textile
  • Technique basics
  • Own original design
  • How to make own stamp
  • Stamp printing a T-shirt, bag, pillowcases, etc
  • Price: 600 CZK

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