DIY Praha is no longer operating a workshop. Together with our former members, we are creating a new organization, Sdílna (“Sdílená dílna”), to pick up where we left off. We are shifting from a service-providers to a community-run makers space.

Hodinová dílna DIY Praha is just few steps from the metro station Kolbenova.

DIY Praha is a multipurpose workshop and design space in an open collaborative environment to meet the needs of craftspeople of all skill levels in the creation of their projects. We’re providing the space and tools for you to build, repair and create almost anything you can imagine. There are always lots of interesting projects going on; always interesting people doing interesting things. For example we have furniture being repaired and built from scratch, sets for local theatrical productions being created, and bikes being refurbished to name a few.

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    You bring your project ideas & we provide tools, space and the materials if you need them. And we’re always happy to offer a bit of advice and support for you to make it happen. You pay for the time spent in the workshop and for the materials used.

    The new location of DIY Praha provides a larger 1500 m2 work place that is divided into spaces for the same five primary activities; garage, woodworking, metal metal working, paint/finish room & “soft-crafts”/studio, plus a social/break room & bathrooms with changing area. Each of the spaces are equipped with their a wide assortment of the tools you need to work in these materials.

    We regularly offer training workshops to learn and improve skills, for example woodworking, metalworking, welding, sawing, masks making.

    Start to plan and work on your next DIY project now. Get in contact with us and make a reservation.